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My first teaching class!

Feb 2016: As part of the BWY course, it is recommended that you begin teaching as soon as you can find a location and students to teach.

With only a small number of posture profiles taught to me in my yoga teacher training since October 2015, on Wednesday 3rd February I began teaching yoga to six of my colleagues at Transport for London.

There were already six yoga classes at Palestra, four of which are external teachers specialising in Iyengar, Jivamukti and Hatha yoga. The challenge was, how could I make my yoga class different and encourage colleagues to join MY class? Beginner’s yoga seemed the best way forward, and of course powers of persuasion and my background in marketing to promote the classes on eleven floors in the building!

UPDATE: October 2016: I have six dedicated regular students that have stayed with me since February. My class size has often grown to 15 students; I'm delighted the yogi vibes are working their magic at TfL.

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