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Where it all began (2005 to 2015)

My passion for yoga started in 2005, and probably like you, I heard that is was good for me and was likely to make me more flexible. Well whoever told me back then was definitely right!

Since 2005 I have fallen in and out of love with various kinds of yoga – Iyengar (first two years), Ashtanga (a workshop with Ashtanga master David Swensen was the highlight of that two years of my life!), Bikram (another three gloriously hot years, two superb retreats and completing a six-class challenge in ONE day!), into settling quite comfortably into the fundamental and all-embracing Hatha Yoga.

So if you’ve tried yoga before and didn’t like it, please think again and give yoga another chance. Maybe the class that you attended wasn’t right for you. When I began my British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) teacher training in September 2015 I thought ‘is there really room enough in London for another yoga teacher?’ Yes, there is! Because while I will teach you in the safe and mindful way as thousands of other BWY trained teachers could teach you, my skill is to share my enthusiasm with you in the class and invite you join in.

Photo below was taken during a Saturday teacher training day in February 2016. When we learn a posture profile, we learn every element of what makes up the posture and usually non-stop over a two-hour period.

Teaching yoga is a serious skill, yet when delivered in an informative and amusing way, students can’t help but leave the class feeling relaxed, well stretched and with a smile on their face (see the testimonials on my web page.) which is probably why they keep coming back!

My blog is going to share with you my yoga experiences since becoming a student yoga teacher in October 2015, and invite you along on my journey as I develop my skills over the three and a half years of training, and beyond.


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