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Bikram postures at 12 metres (yes on the sea bed!) 2013

Let’s take a trip back to June 2013, my husband, David, and I were on a Scuba diving holiday (celebrating our 200 dives that trip). Marsa Shagra is an Eco Village for divers in Marsa Alam, Egypt. Although the sea was good visibility and we took loads of photos of beautifully coloured fish and sharks, towards the end of the seven days we just got bored.

I had a bright idea that we ‘rubber up’ (pop on out wetsuit and gear) and take some photos of me at 12 metres down (on the sandy sea bed!) in Bikram postures.

Little did we know that on the next dive together something would happen that would change our lives forever. We saw two chaps above us gliding along 10 metres below the surface with no tank on their back. David and I looked at each other puzzled, got the divers’ attention and motioned to them asking where their tanks were. They waved, shrugged their shoulders and swam back to surface! I motioned to David "I want to do that!"

We met the divers again later that afternoon and asked what they were doing, they explained and our freediving seed was planted! Back home, at the Dive Show the following March we met Marcus Greatwood founder of No Tanx and signed up for a foundation course, and love, love, love our new diving sport!

We went back to Marsa in June 2014, but this time as freedivers. We completed our Open Water Foundation course and began our life changing journey in the blue, we joined the weekly diving club and was warmly embraced by the No Tanx welcoming community.

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