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An Eureka moment occurred on this trip.

July 2016: I was one of the first bookings on this yoga retreat hosted by my friend, and Bikram yoga instructor, Donna Noble. Donna had arranged this weekend at Tilton House under her Curvesome Yoga brand – “Yoga has no size, and is for every body”.

Donna held our yoga classes in the beautiful and cosy yurt hidden away in the peaceful grounds. During the five 90 minute sessions over the weekend we were challenged in various postures, had the chance to discuss our yoga objectives and break down particular poses, and treated to a Bikram yoga class in a well heated yurt!

We were blessed by glorious sunshine; delicious raw food cuisine; immersed into the historical stories of Tilton House and its famous inhabitants, and of course creative and inspiring yoga by Donna.

Time for an Eureka moment!

Aside from all of the above which made this an energetic, yet restful weekend, we had the opportunity to stop the usual speedy wheels of everyday life and look up at the sky and think ‘what if…?

It was that ‘what if?’ train of thought where I made the decision to start a new yoga class, outside of TfL, close to my home in Sydenham.

The result of the 'what if' train of thought quickly turned into Jules Yoga Sydenham and my first class for beginners' begins on Thursday 20th October at 7pm, at Sydenham Tennis Club SE26 6ET.

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