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Crashing waves to accompany your savasana anyone? (Oct 2015)

October 2015: You will hear a name mentioned so many times during my teacher training and that is Zoe Knott. Zoe is a Diploma Course Tutor Training Officer on the BWY Training Committee, and I am one of the most fortunate teacher students of yoga to have her as my tutor. One of the happiest days of 2015 was when I received an email invitation from Zoe asking if I still interested in becoming a teacher and would I be interested in applying for a place. I responded immediately YES!

So no surprise then to sign up on a yoga retreat with Zoe teaching at the superb resort, Paradis Plage, outside of Agadir, Morocco.

Our energising morning yoga started at 8am to 9.45am, leisurely breakfast then free time until 5pm to 6.30pm, when our restorative yoga class took place. The daily routine was blissful, yoga, eat, swim, eat, yoga, eat, sleep… and repeat! On the last day we did some partnering yoga - such fun!

My balcony was blessed by sunshine all afternoon, so I set myself up with my yoga books and read all the chapters required so I could take my Anatomy and Physiology exam when I returned. I found a beautiful stone with crystals inside which became my focus when meditating.

This was truly everything I could ask for from retreat; excellent yoga, beautiful scenery to practice in (on the beach in an enclosed glass/wood studio, you could hear the sea during Savasasna!), good company, and the option to take off and do your own thing.

Our view from our yoga mat, yes twice a day!

Listen? That's the sound of the crashing waves... bliss!

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