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Yoga Teacher
Every day you breathe and move around without effort.
At Jules Yoga online, you will learn how to do these actions with intention, and learn how to increase your strength and improve flexibility from your very first virtual class.
To book, please go to 'classes', select the online class that you want to attend, and follow the instructions.
NEW ONLINE CLASSES - 'Early Risers' and 'Beginners' see below.
To enquire about private classes please call or email. 


Hi, I’m Jules and welcome to Jules yoga.

Thank you for stopping by. You might have been considering yoga and just never got around to it. Or have been put off by the, sometimes very challenging, postures that people in the class easily slip into, while you look on amazed and think ‘never me’. Well, your opinion is going to change when you come to a Jules yoga class.

From your very first class, you will advance your breathing techniques; you will learn and develop new, and progress in existing postures, and be guided in a deep 15-minute relaxation to leave you feeling calm and rested.

I began my 500-hour teacher training diploma in 2015, at the age of 55, with the British Wheel of Yoga which is the governing body for Yoga in England, recognised by the Sports Council. On my 59th birthday, 1st December 2018, I became qualified with a 'BWYQ Diploma in Teaching Yoga at Level 4'.  As well as practising a variety of styles of yoga over many years, I now focus on Hatha, Yin and Ashtanga. I also find time for cycling holidays, and I am a freediver.

My journey into freediving began in 2013, and the breathing and relaxation techniques I have learned through my yoga practice, have greatly improved my ability to relax and enjoy the calmness of the sea, even at 25 metres.

By learning to practice yoga with me, your body and mind will benefit from your very first class. I am positive that you will find yourself using a breathing practice, or holding a posture while going about your daily life, simply because it makes you feel so good.  

Please find a few minutes to get to know me by reading My Yoga Journey (at the top of the page), and the Testimonials from my students. It's easy to book a class, just select the location and make the payment. I look forward to seeing you on the mat very soon.






A Jules yoga online class will introduce you to hatha and yin yoga in a safe and focused way. You will learn how to safely progress in breathing exercises (pranayama), postures (asana), and meditation, prior to unwinding in 15-minutes of blissfully guided relaxation.


All that is required of you in a Jules yoga class is to concentrate on being in the moment. Strength, flexibility, and stamina will come with practice as your body and mind absorbs new knowledge and progresses from week to week.

Details of how to join the online classes will be sent to you at time of booking.



Jules Yoga classes will be held online

Transport for London students, the 75-minute class will remain on Wednesday at a new time from   

6 to 7.15 pm 

NOTE: External students can now join this online class

Sydenham-based students, the 75-minute classes will remain on Thursday at new times:

  • Hatha from 6 to 7.15 pm 

  • Yin from 7.30 to 8.45 pm 

Class cost options revised

  • One       75-minute class - £8.00

  • Three    75-minute classes - £22.00* 

You can pay direct to Jules Yoga (ask for bank details) or via PayPal.

NEW from Monday 30th March

Jules Yoga - Early Risers

You can choose from THREE classes each week starting at 7.30 am to 8.15 am (45-minutes), at a cost of £15 for FOUR classes or £5 each. At the moment they run on Monday - Wednesday - Saturday.

These are classes are focused and topics include, Shoulders and neck, Sciatica easing, Abdominals, Hips, Twists, Balance, and dedicated classes to build strength for asana.

To join one of these classes please call or email for joining details.

NEW from Tuesday 7th April

Jules Yoga for Beginner's


Each week on Tuesday at 5 pm to 6 pm (60-minutes), at a cost of £22 for THREE classes or £8 each you can join a beginner's or yoga refresher class.

This class will focus on the foundation postures, in addition, I will teach you breathing and meditation techniques, and introduce you to 15-minutes of guided relaxation.

You will be provided with handouts for you to practice between classes.

To join one of these classes please call or email for joining details.

Please download a health questionnaire, complete and return by email prior to your first class. You may also find the introduction to students document useful to give you a level of expectation if you are new to my class. Please select 'TfL' or 'Sydenham'.


To book your class

Please send an email to jules@julesyoga.co.uk stating which class you would like to attend and a start date. You'll be advised if there are places in your chosen class, and provided with online joining details.


* Three class package must be taken within four weeks from the first class start date. 


3 Classes - £22

1 Class - £8

No upcoming events at the moment


“Under Jules's guidance my yoga practice has continuously improved and my confidence has grown. I always enjoy attending Jules's yoga class; her joyful enthusiasm for yoga is infectious!" Katherine

“I am busy all day, every day. A Jules Yoga class is my 'me time', and gives me the chance to pay my body back with a bit of care and attention. When I have to miss a class I feel cheated!" Angie

“Jules is a great teacher; very calm and supportive. She takes her time in ensuring each member of the class is okay. Her calming voice and slow pace (in guided relaxation), helped me to relax. The class is one I 100% recommend."   Mona

“For the new beginner wanting to try yoga, I recommend Jules's class. I'm not the most flexible of people, but Jules always seems to find something to praise and helps me feel that I can do the posture. I always feel really good the day following her class (aches, oh yes,) and a general good glow about life as well!" Jackie

“As someone who is completely new to yoga I am learning not just about postures and stretching, my mind and body is learning how to breathe, relax and meditate and to be more mindful. A Jules yoga class is one of the highlights of my week where my stresses and worries melt away. A well paced, informative and friendly class - highly recommended!" Mel

“I found that Jules’s voice and pace felt like a metronome, which helped me control my breathing and relax for the first time in yoga.”   Simon

“Jules is a calm and friendly teacher. I felt energised directly after her class, and the following morning." Claire

“I've never been this flexible before, it's amazing the postures I can do now!" Ravi

“Just to say again, that was the most relaxed I have been in since I last went for a massage, and the class was really enjoyable as well. You are a natural. Well done!!!"   Karen

“Wherever you're at physically Jules provides a safe, energising and restful space to develop at your own pace full of support and encouragement.    I look forward to every class."  Keith

“I really enjoy the vibe, and find it useful to come to class (rather than just Google some stretches and do them at home). Jules's Wednesday class gets me in the routine of doing yoga, pushes me to hold the posture a bit longer and stretch deeper. I also get to learn how to do the posture properly and the different levels to them." Sam (footballer)

Freediving student: "I had the fortune to attend a few Jules's classes during our freediving trip in Egypt. In each session I felt guided in detail and gentleness. Jules showed us how a 'micro' movement within the body can affect out 'macro' flow of energy and experience. Her dedication and focus are led by genuine love for yoga and life." Marco, musician and freediver


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